Lithium Deficiency

Lithium is important for our body as it plays a role in fertility and cellular uptake of glucose. Lithium helps to prevent atherosclerosis in people who respond to sodium restriction. It can displace sodium because of its similar chemical composition.

lithium importance

Daily requirement of lithium

The daily requirement for an adult is 2 – 3 mg.

Source of lithium

Lithium can be found in beef liver, eggplant, grains, leafy green vegetables, legumes, peppers, potatoes, seafood and tomatoes.

Lithium overdose/toxicity

Pregnant or lactating women should not take lithium.

Heart or kidney disease can induce lithium toxicity which can cause dehydration and sodium depletion.

Therapeutic uses

Lithium is used in manic depression treatment.

Interactions of lithium with others

There is some evidence that accumulation of vanadium is associated with bipolar disorder. Vanadium appears in higher levels in the hair who are diagnosed with manic depression. It is thought that lithium may work by counteracting the effects of vanadium.

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